Project Management

AFW believes in the Value Added/Value Engineered and Lowest Total Cost philosophies and we work with our customers to eliminate waste and add value. We strive to provide our customers the optimum casting for their product.

Our engineers understand their customer’s end product and its function. AFW is fully involved with our customer’s design – placing us in the best position to offer real cost saving design solutions.

AFW Foundry offers a multi—team approach for engineering, purchasing and quality control with an Account Manager and Foundry Engineer assigned to every project.

Our Project Management Team has the ability to analyze parts prior to project kickoff to identify challenges. In addition to predicting possible problem areas in the casting process, this analysis helps lead to increased yields and quality & decreased scrap and cost.

Project management covers project timelines in excel format and action items are recoded and color-coded for easy review. Working as a means of project tracking, these documents are sent to customers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In addition, copies go to our Scheduler, Operations Manager and General Manager so that everyone can stay the course.

If a project entails multiple parts, all of those parts will appear on the same spreadsheet for optimal efficiency and easy viewing. There’s area for feedback and everybody involved with the project has the same information all the time.

AFW utilizes an Advanced Product Quality Planning [APQP] framework for product launches and quotes Production Part Approval Process [PPAP] as a separate line item option.