Automated Sand Casting – DISA Foundry

Our Dismatic molding machine line is part of our Green Sand Molding Operation utilizing aluminum and zinc alloys only. With its automatic pouring it ensures repeatability [same pour rate and pour temperature every time].


Optimum efficiencies

  • Proven production calibrates up to 160 uncored molds/hr
  • Capability of adding on automatic core cutter enabling production up to 120 core molds/hr
  • High density molds with less than 0.25mm machine related mismold
  • Unbeatable uptime and reliability due to rigid design
  • Maximum yield level with optimum utilization of mold and alloy
  • Low scrap ratio due to the DISA blow/squeeze mechanism and efficient pattern plate utilization.


  • Less downtime due to fast and easy change of match plate for multiple runs
  • Compatible with existing match plates and conventional jolt-squeeze gating systems.
  • Pouring options tailored to individual mold design using DISA quick change down space system.

After a mold is produced in our DISA Match 130 it is transferred onto the Summit Mold Handling System for processing. The mold is carried to one of two pouring stations which consist of autopouring furnaces designed by Stotek. These fully automated units are run by PLC controls which determine the pressure of the pour and the length of pouring time. Once the data is entered into the furnace controls, the mold handler and the furnaces communicate and recognize when there is a mold ready in the pouring station.

As new molds are made they are continually poured without the need of an operator.

Once the mold has been poured off it moves through the mold handling system within a timed sequence of one hour before the castings are pushed off to the shake-out unit.

Downstream processing for the DISA line has also been engineered in a linear format. Once the castings are removed from the shake-out deck by the operator they are placed on an automatic conveyor that moves them to the k/o operator and then the saw operator. Castings are then cut off and ready for further processing by the attached grinding department.


  • DISA Match 130 20″ x 24″ Automatic Molding Machine with Summit Foundry System Automatic Mold Handling
  • Stotek Dosotherm 1350 Autopour Furnaces


  • Our DISA can handle Cored and Non-cored Castings up to 30 pounds
  • Accommodates Tooling up to 20″ x 24″ Flask Size
  • 120 Molds per Hour
DISA Foundry | Automated Sand Casting
DISA Foundry | Automated Sand Casting