Production Scale For Green Sand Molding

Squeezer and Cope & Drag Lines

  • Gas and Induction Furnaces with Independent Crucibles
  • Flexibility to adapt to existing tooling, Flask Sizes ranging from 12″ x 14″ to 24″ x 52″

Our squeezer and cope and drag lines can handle castings ranging from ounces to hundreds of pounds.


DISA Match 130 Automatic Molding

  • Cored and Non-cored Castings up to 30 lbs
  • Auto Pouring—Controlled Rate/Temp
  • Accommodates Tooling up to 20″ x 24″ Flask Size

Whether its 1 mold or 100,000, our versatile DISA is a fit for your job producing up to 120 molds per hour.

DISA Foundry | Automated Sand Casting